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Easy on the iced tea!
June 16, 2006

Those of you who read my newsletter on “protecting your digestion” will remember the importance of avoiding things that damage your digestion. If you didn’t read it, read it now.

If you cool off with iced drinks in the summer, think about this before reaching for the iced tea or lemonade.

Chinese medicine describes the act of digestion as a warm process. It has been shown through hundreds of years of observation that, if we drink chilled, cold or frozen liquids, we hurt this warm process of digestion (cold negates heat).

This causes food and liquid to be digested poorly. Similar to when your car can’t completely combust fuel, you’re left with a sludge which, in Chinese Medicine, is called “food stagnation” and/or “phlegm.” These are often the root cause of problems such as a weak immune system, weight gain, fatigue, cysts, allergies, sinusitis and certain types of headaches.

You might be lucky enough to have strong digestion and not feel too affected by cold drinks. But, if you’re already in a weakened state, this might be one of the “straw’s” that breaks the camels back.

One the biggest offenders is the ice water you get out at the restaurant. Just before eating a big meal, you put out your “digestive fire” with that freezing cold water. Big mistake.

Iced drinks really aren’t good for anybody. Nature didn’t intend for us to frequently drink cold or frozen liquids. Refrigerators and freezers are extremely recent in terms of the history of human diet.

Not to mention, there’s just not a lot of refrigerators out there in nature!

It may take some getting used to, but drinking room temperature or warmer water is a good first step toward being healthier.

Keep it warm!
Dr. Bob

Bob Dorris, D.O.M.
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
1430 N.W. 86th Terrace
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