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Protect Your Digestion
May 08, 2006

Sorry I’ve been out of touch for a while – sometimes life takes me in unexpected directions!

I'd like to share with you a concept from Chinese medicine that states “Above all else, protect your Digestion.”

They don’t mean your digestion as we know it. Actually, they’re referring to a group of functions that are similar to, but different from, your digestion.

Since we don’t have a term for this group of functions, let’s just stick with the term “Digestion.”

Anyway, Chinese medicine says these “Digestion” functions are responsible for “the transformation and transportation of food and fluids.”

Think about that.

If you aren’t “transforming” food properly, you aren’t turning food into energy (“Qi”) and blood for your organs to function properly – your organs are literally “fatigued.”

Your heart can’t function. Your lungs can’t function. Your kidneys, bladder, liver, gall bladder, stomach and intestines all become “fatigued” and can’t do their job.

And, your immune system doesn’t have the energy to protect you from cancer, colds, flu, radiation, etc.

If you aren’t “transforming” fluid properly, fluid collects in your tissues. This condition is called “Dampness.”

This “Dampness” ultimately becomes a condition called “Phlegm” (this includes, but is not the same as, having phlegm or mucus.) This condition leads to obesity, dementia, seizures, cysts and tumors, sinus headaches, allergies, all breathing problems like sinusitis, asthma, COPD, and a host of other problems.

Not to mention, if you damage your body’s ability to properly “transport” food and fluid, you’re going to have constipation, diarrhea and urinary problems.

So…. do you think it’s important to “Above all else, protect your digestion?”

If so, you can begin by using common sense and avoiding poor habits like over-eating, eating before bed and eating foods that leave you feeling bad.

Chinese dietary wisdom is based on thousands of years of watching how people respond to different ways of eating. I’ll be sharing more of that wisdom with you in future issues.

I will also be producing an e-book or DVD for anyone really interested in “protecting your digestion,” so stay tuned.

Good health!

Dr. Bob

Bob Dorris, D.O.M.
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
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