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A Powerful But Simple Health Technique
September 19, 2006
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Bob Dorris, D.O.M. here.

This e-zine's been on vacation while I was filming my new DVD
"Treating Arthritis With Oriental Medicine."

That DVD’s going to make lots of people very happy (not to
mention "pain free!").

But enough about me… here is (drum-roll, please)...

"Today's incredibly awesome health advice..."
(absolutely free to my faithful readers, of course!)

Here's a simple but powerful (and, did I mention... absolutely
free!) way to improve you and your family's health. And it is…

A Chinese Emperors Health Secret…

The average reign of most Chinese Emperors was only about
19 years because their incredible wealth let them have
too much food, wine, sex and other fun stuff that caused them to
die young. (What a bummer, eh?)

But... along comes the famous Emperor Qiang Long who holds
reign for 60 years and lives to be an old man.

So… how the heck did he do it?

Here's one of his secrets...

I’ll tell you his other secrets in future e-zines if... you invite
your friends to subscribe to this newsletter. I promise!

Seriously, you could give someone hope, change their life
or possibly even save their life (believe me - it happens in my clinic
all the time) - by showing them solutions that work when drugs and
surgery won't.


O.K., back to that drum roll again, please...

He massaged his ears everyday. O.K., it sounds anti-climactic after
that drum roll. Possibly even silly, right?

Well, just look at this…

Most of my patients have experienced ear acupuncture in my
clinic. (Yes, they pay me to stick needles in their ears!)

They get good results from it, for everything from pain to
emotional problems.

It calms nerves, stimulates organs, relieves pain and triggers
your body's healing mechanisms.

It's proven by research.

Even open-heart surgery is performed, in China, where little or
no anesthesia is used except a couple acupuncture needles the ear!

Don't be fooled by its simplicity. This is powerful stuff. All
Asian medical systems use stimulation of the ears.

How's it work?

I’m delighted you asked!

Your ears have lots of nerve endings that, through their
connection to the brain, affect your entire body. (Similar to the
way foot reflexology affects your entire body.)

Research has shown that ear massage (or ear acupuncture) also
causes production of important chemicals that regulate your
entire nervous system.

Massaging your ears increases blood flow to the nerves, causing
your brain to trigger your healing mechanisms and release
those important chemicals.

Nearly every type disease can be treated this way.

The cost?

If we do this in my clinic? Oh, about $60 or so.

The cost for you to do this at home or work? Oh, about
zero... zip... nada.

The real question is… why wouldn't you do it?

…Well, actually, the real question is… why on earth am I telling
you this, instead of collecting the 60 bucks?!!! ===================================================

So… how do you do it?

It's simple. Using medium pressure with your thumb and
index finger, massage front and back of your ears. You can also
slide your palms across your ears from front to back.

If one part of your ear is tender or sore, work that part longer.
That discomfort shows you have a problem in the area of
your body that's reflected by that part of your ear.

After 3 to 5 minutes, your ears will feel hot. That's good
- you've increased the blood and energy to the nerves to release
neurotransmitters and trigger your healing mechanisms.

Bottom line…

Do this whether you have, or want to prevent,
health problems and live a long life (along with the other
recommendations you read in Health Solutions with Dr. Bob...)

Always do the most you can for your health. Make it a
priority (If you need some motivation, read my very first newsletter )

Write and let me know about successes you have with this and
other techniques I recommend so I can share them with our other

Good health!
Bob Dorris, D.O.M.

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Doctor of Oriental Medicine
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