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Healthy Priorities
November 26, 2005

It seems appropriate to start "Health Solutions with Dr. Bob" with the same topic I discuss on day one with every new patient who comes to my clinic – PRIORITIES.

When I ask a patient how committed they are to getting well and I hear:

"I want to be well, but it's not that big of a problem",

or "I don't want to spend my money on..."

or "It's too hard to do that"

then I know the first thing we have to handle is Priorites.

I tell them it's not their "symptom" that's going to kill them - it's their Priorities.

This might sound trite or "preachy", but wrong Priorities are the reason 99% of my patients (and possibly you, too) are sick.

Is there anything more important than your health and your family’s health? Think about your children, your spouse, your parents. What’s the number one thing you want for them?

And, what's the number one thing your family wants for you?

Money? A good job? A nice car? Without health, none of these things matter.

If you’ve ever had a loved one who's sick or dying, what was the number one thing you wanted for them?

And, if your health is that important, is there anything more worthwhile for putting your time, money and energy towards?

I hope you get the point. To be healthy, you absolutely must make health your top priority. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes. Anything less and it won't happen.

If you or someone in your family isn't feeling their best, I have solutions for you. Please consider what I say in future issues, keep an open mind, allow yourself to change and make your health (and your family’s) your #1 Priority.


Dr. Bob

Bob Dorris, D.O.M.
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
1430 N.W. 86th Terrace
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