If You're Sick, You're Acidic

A new breakthrough concept in natural health is drinking alkaline water to balance the pH level in your body. Have you heard of that?

I shouldn't say new, because Asians have been aware of it for hundreds or thousands of years. Here's the deal...

...disease can't exist in an alkaline state. Nearly all disease processes are associated with an acidic state of blood. That's right...if your blood pH is balanced or more alkaline, most diseases won't occur.

Yep - headaches, digestive problems, cancer, allergies, obesity and weight gain, acid reflux, kidney problems, fatigue and osteoporosis can't thrive in an alkaline environment.

Guess what? If you've got any of these problems, your blood is acidic.

Do you think your blood is acidic?

Well let's see ...Do you:

  • Eat sweets?
  • Eat meat?
  • Drink sodas, diet sodas, juices?
  • Drink iced drinks?
  • Drink coffee?
  • Eat white flour (cookies, cakes, pies, bread, pizza?)
  • Drink tap water?
  • Drink bottled water?
  • Have stress?
  • Lack exercise?
  • Lack sleep?

If your answer was yes to any of these (and I'm guessing it was) then your blood is acidic.

It's most likely the reason you are reading this right now.

So what's an acidic person like you to do?

Poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise all contribute to acidic blood and thus sickness and disease. Taking care of all four areas is vital to overall good health. But, consider this...

... 60% of our body weight is water. Water is the one drink nature provides for us and it is the one drink that is necessary for survival. It should be our primary source for fluid.

Water helps flush toxins from our bodies. It decreases sodium levels in the body and helps maintain muscle tone.

It would only make sense, then, to consider what type of water would be the most beneficial to drink.

#1 Drink Alkaline Water

Tap water is acidic. Not to mention...it has chlorine, fluoride, and other contaminants.

Bottled water is acidic (even the wonderfully expensive Zephyrhills and Evian)and...

...your plastic bottled water has xenoestrogens, a terrible carcinogen, which has been linked to breast cancer, hormonal problems, and God knows what else that hasn't been identified yet, believe me...

...you don't want it!

So where do you get Alkaline Water?

Lucky for us, the Japanese recognized this problem a long time ago.

They developed a process called ionization that, using magnetic plates,
separates the alkaline from the acidic part of the water.

The machine that uses this process is called an ionizer and would you believe ...

...it's not only used in most hospitals in Japan, but also in Japanese households. In fact, approximately 25% of homes in Japan use alkaline water. Millions of Japanese have been drinking alkaline ionized water daily over the last 30 years.

If that shocks you, it should ...

...and make you angry. Angry that no one has told you about this before.

Think about it... it's literally impossible for you to be truly healthy if your blood's acidic. And no doctor ever told you this?


There are plenty of books on this if you want to read up on it,
but here's what I recommend...

Buy a Water Ionizer!

I recommend them to every one of my patients and I use one myself.

There are several water ionizers on the market, but I've done plenty of research and found three that are reasonably priced and work very well. (Forget about the hype you read on the very expensive ones.) Click here to see the ionizers we offer.

And to help you get the most from alkaline water, I’ve packaged these ionizers with the audio CD, Chinese Dietary Principles for Health and Longevity (at no extra charge.) It’s vital information for healthy eating that will help you alkalize your body, and finally get well! That leads us to our next area of focus for balancing the pH...

#2 Follow the Chinese Dietary Principles

Diet in particular is a major contributing factor to acidic blood. Therefore, following a diet rich in alkalizing foods, is an effective way to help restore your health.

For hundreds of years, Chinese Dietary Principles have promoted a diet that emphasizes alkaline foods along with small amounts of meat, similar to the 80-20 ratio (alkaline to acidic foods) that is recommended.

But, Chinese Dietary Principles are much more than choosing from a list of alkaline foods. They provide a powerful way of understanding "how to eat" that’s based on thousands of years of observation in the Orient. This is information that neither your Doctor nor nutritionist understands or can teach you.

When you follow this method, you increase your likelihood of recovering from, and preventing, most health problems while getting adequate nutrition and promoting your health.

Conversely, if you do not understand and follow these principles, it’s unlikely you will recover from many serious conditions… because these conditions are most often caused by improper eating.

Here are a few points to consider:

  •   Eat mostly:

Fresh and lightly cooked vegetables (a big variety) - not raw
Whole grains (but little or no wheat). Eat less grains than vegetables
Small amounts of animal protein (2 or 3 oz. per day). Think of it as a flavoring for your meals, rather than a main course

  • Drink water (It is best to drink alkaline water)
  • Avoid Dairy
  •  Avoid Raw Foods

If you are trying to regain your health, you need to understand and follow these principles (as I insist all my patients do).

A thorough explanation of Chinese Dietary Principles is now available as an audio download.

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