Bananas and Constipation

Want to get confused? Just search on "bananas and constipation" on the web. You'll get results telling you that:

  • bananas cure constipation
  • bananas cause constipation
  • bananas regulate diarrhea and constipation

Well, they're all right... and wrong. Fortunately, the wisdom of Oriental medicine can easily explain bananas and constipation, providing the reason why bananas seem to both cause and cure constipation.

If you look elsewhere on this site, you'll see that constipation can be due to a few different imbalances in your body. These include what Oriental medicine calls "cold" and "heat".

"Cold" is an analogy for having too little energy (which is warm) for your digestive system to properly digest / eliminate food. Hence, too little energy to move your stools... so you're constipated.

"Heat" in your body is a condition that can show up as dryness of your intestines and dry stools ("heat" dries up fluid)... also leading to constipation.

So why do bananas relieve and cause constipation?

Here's why. Bananas are said to be "cold" ... in other words, they cause that "cold" condition in your body I mentioned above. And, simply put, they counter the "heat" type of condition. So...

...if you have the "heat" type of constipation, bananas may help relieve your constipation. But, if you have the "cold" type of constipation, your problem's probably going to get worse.

Bear in mind, bananas can cause diarrhea (an excessively "cold" condition), which would seem to be a "cure" for constipation... but it's not. Diarrhea is a disease condition, too. It just means your digestion / elimination is so weak ("cold") it's not processing fluids properly, and the fluid is now leaving with the stools.

This is why Chinese Dietary Principles recommends a diet that emphasizes "neutral" foods. That way of eating won't lead you toward an excess "heat" or "cold" condition in your body, and will help you recover from either one of those imbalances.

Eat mostly:

  • Fresh and lightly cooked vegetables (a big variety) - not raw
  • Beans
  • Whole grains (but little or no wheat). Eat less grains than vegetables
  • Small amounts of animal protein (2 or 3 oz. per day). Think of it as a flavoring for your meals, rather than a main course
  • Drink water (It's best to drink water that is high in alkaline - to learn more about alkaline water, click here.)

  • A more detailed explanation of these dietary principles are now available as a downloadble audio file and ebook.

    If you suffer from constipation (or any condition for that matter) you really should get this set and follow these dietary principles.

    Learn more about "Chinese Dietary Principles for Health and Longevity"

Is It Really Cold Or Heat Causing My Constipation?

Yes and no. You may show an actual rise or drop in your body temperature, but it's better to think of these as analogies. But remember...

...these analogies are very profound. When compared to a conventional "scientific" understanding of bananas and constipation (and our bodies), these analogies are much easier to understand, and therefore more useful for us in daily life. You are part of nature, and so are cold and heat. You have an innate understanding of nature and, therefore, of these concepts.

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