The Best Diet For Acne

Based on thousands of years observation in China, and my experience in the clinic, the best diet for acne is to follow the Chinese Dietary Principles I describe below, and now have available on audio CD. And in case you have doubt that foods are at fault in acne, consider this...

You may read studies about acne concluding that is not caused by what you eat, but rather that it's caused by hormonal imbalances or other internal problems... or that the cause in unknown.

But ancient Oriental wisdom has determined that improper diet can lead to nearly every imaginable internal imbalance (including hormonal problems). Western medicine doesn't acknowledge that improper diet is such a major factor in disease. So, it follows that...

... if studies don't see an immediate cause and effect between what you eat and breakouts of your skin, they conclude there's no relationship. And, therefore, it's believed acne must be due to some other internal problem, not the food. But here's what they're missing...

...that other internal problem, no matter what it is, is generally caused by diet, stress and lifestyle. So regardless of whether foods cause an immediate reaction, foods are one of the underlying causes of any internal problem or disease that ultimately leads to acne.

What this means is this - the best diet for acne is the one that corrects internal imbalances (including hormonal imbalances), and is the best for your overall heath. And that brings us back to...

The Chinese Dietary Principles

These principles were observed over centuries to be the best diet for acne, and to promote good health and recovery from all types of health problems. If you stick to these basics, you should see excellent results like we see in my clinic. This will promote better hormonal balance, and correct the internal causes of acne in general. Here goes...

Eat mostly:

  • Lightly cooked fresh vegetables (a big variety) - not raw
  • Beans
  • Whole grains (but little or no wheat). Eat less grains than vegetables
  • Small amounts of animal protein (2 or 3 oz. per day). Think of it as a flavoring for your meals, rather than a main course
  • Drink room temperature or warm water (It's best to drink water that is high in alkaline - to learn more about alkaline water, click here.)

Everything else should be limited to small amounts, particularly until your acne clears up.

Concerning fruit - although most sources will tell you to eat lots of fruit, observations in China have shown that excess amounts of fruit contain too much sugar, is considered "cold", and damages your digestion over time. But... the case of acne, you may want to eat a little fruit, in particular watermelon or pears, because their "cold" nature can counter the "heat" seen in acne.

Many people to have allergic reactions to pineapple, bananas and mangos (as well as milk and eggs) so pay extra attention to those foods.

Even though meat (especially organic) in small amounts is beneficial for most people, meat (including poultry) contains hormones and hormone-like substances that can upset the hormone balance in your body, so it's important to pay particular attention to how much you eat.

Hopefully you already understand that the best diet for acne should be natural, not processed, and organic whenever possible . Chemical additives cause a condition, called "heat" in Oriental medicine that lead to acne and other health problems.

If you follow the recommendations above, you will see great improvement (unless your acne is coming from stress, lifestyle or exposure to chemicals). Some specifics to pay attention to are:

  • Eat little greasy or oily food
  • Eat your foods cooked and warm
  • Eat very little "sweet" tasting food
  • Avoid cold foods and drinks
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid dairy
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Avoid boxed, packaged and processed foods
  • Avoid yeast
  • Drink about a teacup of warm water or green tea with meals
  • Moderate use of spices like ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper are ordinarily very beneficial, but can create too much "heat" when eaten in excess.

Make sure you avoid these bad habits, too...

  • Overeating
  • Eating late at night
  • Eating in a hurry
  • Eating while stressed

The best diet for acne, according to Oriental wisdom, is proven over thousands of years to regulate the internal malfunctioning and hormonal imbalances that lead to acne.

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