Does this constipation remedy work?

Decide for yourself. Here's one person's experience with the constipation remedy I recommend.

Please notice that she contacted me (and began using the constipation remedy/treatment) after the hospital had exhausted all it's treatment options and nothing was working.

My story:

For about a month, I was having extreme stomach cramps and difficulty moving my bowels. I contacted my doctor and he prescribed blood work, a Cat scan, and a laxative. The blood work came back normal; the scan showed that I was constipated; and the laxative was ineffective. Several more trips to the doctor resulted in additional blood work, scans, and stronger laxatives. The results were always the same.

By now, this situation was really affecting me emotionally. I was waking up in the middle of the night panicked that something was seriously wrong with me. I tried not to think about it but my stomach was so distended that I could not even button my clothes. Eventually, my doctor admitted me to the hospital in an emergency situation.

At the hospital it was more of the same: blood work, scans, and stronger laxatives. This time the laxatives did work and I was given a colonoscopy. The results showed a healthy colon. I felt exhausted but relieved that I was back to normal.

However, one week later I started to have the stomach cramps again. My doctor sent me for a scan and the result was very depressing. I was significantly constipated. My doctor said that he didn’t know what to do at this point because we had exhausted all known possibilities. It was as if my digestive track just stopped working. I needed help. What was I going to do?

Fortunately, I am familiar with acupuncture and alternative medicines. So I contacted Bob Dorris, Doctor of Acupuncture. My consultation with Dr. Dorris was extensive. He asked a wide range of questions such as: what was the condition of my tongue, what medications had I recently taken, what kinds of foods I ate, how were the foods prepared, etc.

In my responses, I had told him that a couple of weeks prior to my problems beginning, I had been taking antibiotics for visits to my dentist. These antibiotics, according to Dr. Dorris, were indeed a major factor in my digestive system becoming weak.

He also told me that my eating habits were not good for my digestive system (i.e., I was eating raw uncooked vegetables instead of cooked vegetables, eating fruits that have a high sugar content). He was concerned with correcting the root of my problem and not merely the symptoms.

Dr. Dorris had recommended acupuncture and prescribed a constipation remedy consisting of a combination of Chinese herbs. I had a series of 8 acupuncture treatments and took the herbs faithfully. The change in my health was immediate.

It has now been 5 months since I sought the help of Dr. Dorris. I continue to take the prescribed herbs and eat the right foods because I never want go through that experience again. I feel great and I would recommend Dr. Dorris' constipation remedy program to anyone who suffers from the same problem I had or just wants to feel better!


Notice that her constipation hasn't come back in 5 months. As I've said, the purpose of this constipation remedy (and all the natural health remedies I recommend) is not just to stop the symptoms.

Laxatives and stool softeners are only temporary relief. The treatments I recommend are based on Oriental medicine. The goal of Oriental medicine is always to correct the mal-function causing your problem, rather than just temporarily relieve your symptoms.

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