The Truth About The Cure For Diarrhea

Here's A Secret...

If you're searching for a cure for diarrhea... one that's permanent... you need to do more than just treat it. You absolutely must...

... understand why you have diarrhea in the first place. How come?

Because you can't stop diarrhea permanently unless you stop causing it.

Yep, you've almost certainly caused this condition. Not intentionally, of course. But you've caused it.

And you're probably still 'causing' it, almost on a daily basis. That's why you're not getting over it, like you get over most other problems that come up, and your body deals with, and you recover from everyday.

What a simple idea, right? Funny that your doctor's never told you that...

He may have told you your lab tests came back bad. Or that you have colitis... or IBS... or Crohns disease. But guess what...

Those are symptoms - not the cause

If you want to stop running to the bathroom every half hour, you need a cure for diarrhea that's more than just a pill. You need to deal with the real causes.

And What Are The Real Causes?

In order to get over chronic diarrhea once and for all, you must avoid the causes.

The Chinese studied humans for thousands of years to determine the underlying diarrhea causes that are responsible for this problem.

Look at these causes and avoid them. You will see great improvement in time.

Once you understand them, take some...

Proven Advice From An Expert In Oriental Medicine (that's me!) ...

... so you can get back to enjoying your life.

So you can go to the movies, concerts and do things with your family. So you can sleep through the night and have more energy during the day. So you can be happy.

Here's what works for the folks in my natural medicine clinic...

First... Stop The Causes!

The causes I already mentioned lead either to inflammation of the intestines, or to general intestinal and metabolic malfunction.

Bad habits like

  • Overeating
  • Eating too much raw vegetables and fruits
  • Eating greasy foods
  • Eating sweets and other extreme foods

damage the way your body processes foods and fluids, leading to diarrhea.

If you have emotional stress, do what's necessary to calm you. Meditation and exercise are a great way to start.


  • Overwork
  • Too much exercise, and
  • Excess sex

drain your body's energy... and the energy required to process food and fluid properly - leading to diarrhea. Stop doing it!

Second... Correct Your Intestinal Functioning With...

...proven tips, tools and techniques from Oriental Medicine.

In my clinic, besides following Chinese Dietary Principles, the cure for diarrhea that works on my patients includes Acupressure, Chinese Herbs and a little known technique called Moxibustion.

Acupressure For Diarrhea

There are powerful acupressure points on your body that, when stimulated, revitalize your intestinal and metabolic functioning, and decrease inflammation to stop diarrhea.

These points are proven remarkably effective by research, and work on the majority of my patients with chronic diarrhea. What's more...

... they're safe and totally free once you know how to do it.

And, there's another remarkable cure for diarrhea that I actually teach my patients to do at home. And that is...

Moxibustion For Diarrhea

An indispensable cure for diarrhea is the ancient and superb technique of Moxibustion.

Legendary in the Orient, Moxibustion both stimulates acupressure points, and...

... it actually adds energy to your body to power up your metabolic functions and correct your elimination.

This technique far outshines anything Western conventional treatment has to offer.

You see, one of the reasons you can have diarrhea is because your organs are weak and under-functioning. In other words... your organs need energy.

And Moxibustion gives it to them by using special herbs (rolled like a cigar and lit) to warm special acupressure points. How does that add energy? Here's how...

Heat is energy. By applying heat to these unique places on your body, you literally add energy ("Qi as the Chinese call it) to your body, increasing the functioning of your internal organs so they can do their job - in your case, stop your diarrhea.

And, to multiply the effect of cure for diarrhea, we use ancient and powerful...

Chinese Herbal Remedies For Diarrhea

Oriental medicine has uncovered superb herbal remedies for diarrhea that are unparalleled in Conventional medicine.

Pharmaceutical companies won't use theses herbs because they are whole plants - not extracts. And the fact is...

...a plant can't be patented! The pharmaceutical company can't make money off it - so you'll never hear about it (unless you travel to the Orient... or visit this website and subscribe to my newsletter! )=======================================================

You've probably never heard of these herbal remedies, because your doctor doesn't know this cure for diarrhea (unless he's Asian!) But,,,

... they're renowned in Asia and universally accepted and recommended by the leading doctors there.

These herbal formulas are easily available online and in Chinese markets across the world. They contain potent herbs, such as:

  • Codonopsis
  • Poria
  • Pinellia
  • Atractylodes

...that are legendary in Chinese medicine as a cure for diarrhea. These Chinese herbal formulas work dramatically well on my patients.

They can help you get your life back, too.

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