Herbal Remedies For Asthma

Oriental medicine has effective herbal remedies for asthma that are unknown to medical doctors. If you're frustrated with your asthma treatment, consider these.

I've used these on my patients with good results. They may be a big help to you, too.

Note - most of these herbal remedies for asthma can be purchased online at various web sites. WWW.Acu-Market.com is a good, fair priced resource for most of them. (See notes at bottom of this page.)

Caution - Do not use these (or any herbal remedies, for that matter) during pregnancy.

There's subtle differences in these herbal remedies, so here's what to look for in determining which is the best one for you.

#1 Is your asthma:

  • Worse following exertion or exercise
  • And you have little or no phlegm?

If so, one formula that been very helpful for my patients is Ping Chuan Pill (or Ping Chuan Wan ("wan means pill.)) made by Plum Flower Brand.

#2 Do you:

  • Have phlegm with your asthma
  • Your asthma's triggered by allergies or common cold

For this type asthma, I use a similar sounding herbal remedy called Ding Chuan Wan, also known as Clear Mountain Air by Plum Flower Brand. It can be very effective.

#3 Do you have asthma with:

  • Difficult to expectorate phlegm
  • A weak cough
  • Easily catch colds
  • Low voice
  • Poor appetite

I use Bu Fei Teapills by Plum Flower Brand for that presentation of asthma.

#4 Do you have asthma with:

  • Cough
  • Thirst
  • Possibly dry mouth
  • No noticeable "rattle" in your breathing
  • Possibly yellow sticky phlegm
An herbal remedy called Ha Chieh Ting Chuan Wan (also known as Gecko Asthma Capsule) is the one used by my patients.

#5 Do you have asthma with:

  • Expectoration of sticky, yellow phlegm
  • Rattling cough
  • Constricted feeling in your esophagus

The herbal remedy used by my patients for that has a funny sounding name - Crocodile Bile Pills for Asthma (in Chinese E Yu Dan Xiao Chuan Wan) by Union Medicine Works.

Although the term "crocodile bile" might put you off, it has a good effect at transforming phlegm which is at the crux of the problem with this type asthma.

#6 Do you have asthma with:

  • Clear thin or white thick phlegm
  • Possible poor appetite
  • Possible nausea or vomiting

The herbal remedy used in my clinic for this type asthma is a common Chinese herbal remedy called Er Chen Wan by Minshan Brand or Herbal Times Brand.

Again, although these herbal remedies for asthma have foreign sounding names, they are commonly used in Oriental medicine and are available online at numerous web sites.

*Note - many times these pills are sold in small bottles that only last about 1 week, so it's usually wise to purchase several bottles at a time.

Some online companies grossly inflate the prices, hence my recommendation of www.acu-market.com - a fair priced resource.

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