Natural acne remedies that work...
and why they work

Let me tell you about some of the natural acne remedies that work for folks in my natural health clinic, and things you can do on your own at home.

But first... here's my own true story about acne and antibiotics.

Long before I became a licensed acupuncturist, I used natural acne remedies based on oriental medicine to cure my own acne. I stopped my acne by reading books on these principles, and then applied what I learned.

Let me point out - I did this after taking antibiotics for nearly a year with no result.

As a matter of fact, the acne disappeared within a week of… you guessed it… stopping the antibiotics.

Looking back, I can't figure out why a doctor would give a 19-year-old kid an unlimited prescription for antibiotics. It didn't help my acne, but it did give me a whopping problem with my digestion and elimination for years.

(The wisdom of oriental medicine saved me again - more on that elsewhere in this website!)

Here's why it's a bad idea to take antibiotics for acne.

How can natural acne remedies work when conventional treatment won’t?

They work because they are based on an understanding that acne is an internal imbalance or malfunction.

To get rid of acne for good, you must correct the internal problem.

First, a topical ointment can't correct an internal problem.

Secondly, if it's due to bacteria, the problem is your internal environment that allows the bacteria to thrive there, not the bacteria itself. So antibiotics aren't the solution.

The natural acne remedies I'm discussing here function to correct the internal problem you have, so your skin clears up.

Why do I have acne?

As I said, acne is an internal problem. In oriental medicine, this problem is called "heat" and/or "damp."

The "heat" loosely refers to a condition caused by:

  • Chemicals
  • Bacteria
  • Stress
  • Wrong diet
  • Poor metabolism
  • Hormone problems

The "damp" loosely refers to too much water in your tissues, providing a good environment for bacteria. This shows up as pus or oozing fluid, and is caused by:

  • Wrong diet
  • Poor metabolism

The natural acne remedies I use with my patients correct the cause of this "heat" and "damp" (i.e. fix your bodies internal environment) so they're more effective and long lasting than topical treatments and antibiotics.

What can I do at home to get over my acne?

In my clinic, we feel the best form of acne treatment is to use all the following methods simultaneously. That's why we have such good success. If you're serious about getting over it, why do anything less?

1. Stop Causing The Problem - otherwise, you'll never get over acne.

2. Correct Your Diet - this includes avoiding acne causing foods, then following the best diet for acne to bring your body back into balance and stop that "heat" and "damp" mentioned above.

3. Use Chinese Herbal holistic remedies for acne 4. Use Acupressure known to help clear acne

5. Avoid chemicals on your skin, such as perfumes, colognes and other chemicals on your skin

6. Calm Your Mind - emotional imbalances cause internal hormal imbalances leading to acne

For more detail on those, see the best form of acne treatment as used in my clinic.

There are also several at home acne treatments based on Chinese home remedies, as well as other all natural remedies for acne that you can use in addition to the above protocol used in my clinic.

Once your skin clears up...

If your skin is rough or dry from acne scars, consider these natural remedies to soften your face based on Oriental medicine.

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