Natural cures for acid reflux

In my clinic, I use natural cures for acid reflux that are based on oriental medicine principles, including acupressure, herbs and ancient (but proven) dietary wisdom.

Just ask my patients – these natural cures for acid reflux work when conventional treatments don’t.

Why do these treatments work when nothing else has?

Conventional medicine sees the acid reflux as the problem or disease. Oriental medicine sees acid reflux as only a manifestation of the actual problem, not the problem itself.

And, there can be different problems causing the acid reflux to happen.

Let’s look at that. Let’s say you and two friends all have acid reflux.

But, you also have mild thirst, low grade fevers, night sweats, flushing of your cheeks, and constipation.

Friend “A” has strong thirst, constant and strong hunger, bleeding gums and bad breath.

Friend “B” has irritability, pressure in the stomach and ribs, nausea... and it’s all worse with stress.

Even though you all have acid reflux, you have different things happening in your bodies causing it. That means if you and your friends want to get over the acid reflux for good, you all need different treatment.

So... you may have to understand the other acid reflux symptoms to finally get over your problem. Get it?

What are some of the natural cures for acid reflux?

I use Oriental natural cures for acid reflux that restore your body's self-healing mechanisms. These include acupressure (or acupuncture), diet, herbs, lifestyle modifications and an effective but little-known technique called moxibustion.

Important - Don't underestimate these techniques just because they seem simple. Oriental medicine can be deceptively simple. Remember - I use these on patients all the time and they work.

The first step is to...

Stop causing the problem

You must understand... you have caused your acid regurgitation. Problems like this don't just happen for no reason. And...

... why bother treating it if you're just going to keep causing it... right?

Take a look at these acid reflux causes . Handle them, and you're off to a good start.

Next, follow the proven...

Chinese Dietary techniques

There's specific foods to avoid with acid reflux that you need to pay attention to.

Once you have those under control, you'll want to follow the Chinese diet for acid reflux . It's very effective because, in many cases, eating the wrong foods over a long period of time causes acid reflux.

Follow the recommendations there closely and, in a period of a few weeks, you should see big improvement.

The next step is to use...

Acupressure for acid reflux

Acid reflux is called "reverse stomach Qi (energy)" in Oriental medicine. That's because the energy of the stomach is going in "reverse" - up instead of down.

There are pressure points on your body that cause the "reverse stomach Qi" to go in the right direction - downward. I use these points on patients in the clinic with good success.

Go to acupressure natural healing for acid reflux to learn these techniques.

In my clinic, we also use...

Chinese Herbal Medicines For Acid Reflux

Several Chinese remedies for acid reflux not only stop the symptoms (as do over-the-counter meds), but also correct the problem by improving digestive functioning and even helping to regenerate tissue in the case of ulceration.

Learn more about these effective remedies at the herbal natural medicine for acid reflux page.

This is only a small (but effective) part of the protocol I use.

I’ve got plenty more effective methods to treat you with, as well as instructional programs you can use on yourself at home.

My goal is to make these treatments known and available to everyone. Health doesn’t belong to doctors. There’s no reason for you to suffer when there’s effective solutions available for relieving acid reflux.

I’ve used these natural cures for acid reflux on (and taught them to) doctors, professional athletes, celebrities, teachers and hundreds of other professionals like you. They use them because this works

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