Natural Cures for Acid Stomach

Can Anything Be Done To Stop This Burning?

Yes. In my clinic, I use natural cures for acid stomach, or "acid indigestion," that are effective in correcting the problem of acid stomach...

...even when nothing else helps.

These natural cures for acid stomach are based on Oriental medicine principles. They work to correct your acid stomach - not just give you temporary relief like antacids and prescription drugs.

(Antacids will temporarily make you feel better, but, unfortunately, they will soon cause an increase in stomach acid.)

So, how can you get over your acid stomach? Well...

First Things First...

Recognize that you've caused the problem......and stop doing whatever you've been doing to cause it!

To get over acid stomach permanently, look here to understand why you have too much stomach acid. Then stop those behaviors that are causing your problem. Next, follow the...

Chinese Dietary Principles

This can bring your digestive system back into harmony quickly, stopping your problem and saving you from big problems in the future.

One important concept from Chinese Dietary Principles is to "Above all else, protect your digestion." Your stomach and digestion are responsible for producing the energy (what the Chinese call "Qi") for your organs to function.

If you have acid stomach, you have definitely damaged your digestion. You've caused your acid stomach and, in time, other seemingly unrelated problems will follow.

A brief summary - Eat a diet of mostly:

  • Cooked vegetables (fresh, lightly cooked, big variety.) For now, forget what you've heard about eating lots of raw vegetables.
  • Whole grains (brown rice, buckwheat and millet are all good)
  • Animal protein (small amounts, more like a condiment than a main course)
  • Water (room temperature - green tea is o.k. for most of us, too.)
  • To get good effect, stay away from everything else until your acid stomach clears up.

    In my MP3 and ebook, I provide a detailed explanation of Chinese Dietary Principles in a simple format that you will be able to apply immediately. If you suffer from acid stomach you really should get this CD and follow these dietary principles.

    Another important method used in my clinic is...

Acupressure (or acupuncture, if you're in my clinic.)

Important - Do not underestimate this technique. It's far stronger than you probably realize. The simplicity of these natural cures for acid stomach can cause them to be overlooked as a viable option.

Research has proven its effectiveness. (As have my own clinical results.)

Start by trying the following:

Apply medium pressure (minimum 60 seconds, at least 3 X day) with your finger, thumb or knucle to:

Pt 1 - 1/2 way between your navel and the lower tip of your sternum.

Pt 2 - 3 inches below the lateral eye of your knee, 1 finger width lateral to your shinbone. (Great for almost any digestive disorder - has a regulating effect on digestion.) This is only a small (but effective) part of the protocol I use.

I've got plenty more effective natural cures for acid stomach to treat you with, as well as instructional programs you can use on yourself at home.

My goal is to make these treatments known and usable by everyone. Health doesn't belong to doctors. There's no reason for you to suffer when there's effective solutions available for relieving acid reflux.

I've used these natural cures for acid stomach on (and taught them to) doctors, professional athletes, celebrities, teachers and hundreds of other professionals like you. They use them because this works.

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