Natural remedies for arthritis

For the past 12 years, I've been using ancient Oriental natural remedies for arthritis in my clinics to help people with all types of arthritis.

It's worked when nothing else has. Not drugs, not surgery - nothing. It has often out-performed the best western medicine has to offer. In nearly all cases, my patient's arthritis pain has been diminished.

In less severe cases, it's often totally eliminated. In more severs cases, it's often greatly reduced. And the amount of medication needed is reduced, too.

Oriental medicine can be effective for most common forms of arthritis .

How can these remedies work… when drugs don't?

Try to understand this - this is important!

Your body wants and tries to heal itself. That's why, when you get a cut, a cold or a stomachache, you recover.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, you did some damage to yourself, and lost some of your ability to recover.

Hundreds of years ago, Chinese doctors discovered natural remedies for arthritis that trigger the body to heal itself by producing hormones that reduce pain and inflammation (endorphins).

Drugs do not trigger your bodies own healing mechanisms. And, since only your body can heal itself, drugs don't (and never will) heal you. They only treat your symptoms. Get it?

Take a look at what holistic medicine can do for arthritis to see how simple but effective these remedies can be.

What Causes Arthritis?

Although conventional understanding says arthritis is due to factors such as:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Work
  • Prior trauma
  • Sports
  • Genetic predisposition

... Oriental medicine has a different perspective, based on thousands of years observation and experience.

Looking at what causes arthritis according to Oriental medicine can help you avoid arthritis in the future.

What natural remedies for arthritis can I try at home?

Oriental medicine uses several natural remedies for arthritis that restore your body's self-healing mechanisms. These include acupressure (or acupuncture), diet, herbs, exercises, lifestyle and massage.

Important - Do not underestimate these techniques just because they seem simple. Oriental medicine can be deceptively simple. Remember - I use these on patients all the time and they work.

Let's start with:

Chinese Dietary principles for arthritis

Oriental medicine understands one of the main cause of arthritis is overexposure to the elements as explained on the what causes arthritis page. But, it's important to understand that one of the things that causes you to be susceptible to the elements is.... improper diet.

Another diet related cause of arthritis is acidosis - a condition where your blood has too much acid. First, learn about alkaline foods for arthritis to reverse that acidosis. You may want to consider adding some alfalfa for arthritis into your diet, too.

Then, follow the diet for arthritis to strengthen you and make you less susceptible to arthritis in the future, as well as promoting your overall health.

Exercise For Arthritis

You must exercise if you want to avoid, or recover from, arthritis - it's possible your arthritis was caused by the lack of exercise in the first place. But...

... all exercise is not the same. Take a look at exercise for arthritis to get a better understanding of what to do.

Chinese Herbal Remedies

Oriental herbal remedies are definitely effective in relieving pain and improving arthritis conditions. I've used these natural remedies for arthritis on patients for years with good results. The earlier you start, the more effective they are.

Click this arthritis and Chinese herbal medicine link to learn more about the specific remedies that I've found effective in my clinic.


Acupressure (and acupuncture) is an excellent method for stimulating your body's self-healing mechanisms, and is the top choice among natural remedies for arthritis.

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