Natural Remedies For Chronic Sinusitis

Natural remedies for chronic sinusitis based on Oriental medicine are effective because they attack the reason the you're prone to sinus infections in the first place...

... rather than just treating this episode of sinusitis, only to have it return again in a few weeks or months, as is usually the case with antibiotics. Not to mention...

... antibiotics can set you up to have recurrent episodes of sinusitis, as well as lots of other problems.

Here's some of the natural remedies for chronic sinusitis used in my clinic. Start with...

Correcting your diet

This is far more important than you probably understand. Wrong diet causes internal problems that lead to phlegm. That phlegm creates a breeding ground for the bacteria that's causing your sinusitis.

And, certain foods specifically (and quickly) produce phlegm that leads to sinus congestion.

Use the Chinese Dietary Principles (these are from thousands of years of experience in China)

Here's a quick summary...

Eat a diet composed primarily of:

  • A large variety of lightly cooked vegetables (fresh and lightly cooked)
  • Whole grains (brown rice, buckwheat and millet are all good. Avoid wheat.)
  • Animal protein (small amounts, more for flavoring than as a main course)
  • Water (room temperature - green tea is o.k. for most of us, too.)

To get good effect, stay away from everything else until you recover, especially...

  • Dairy
  • Alcohol
  • Sweets
  • Cold foods and drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Oily-greasy foods

Even a little of these will cause your sinus problems to continue.

Also, avoid irregular meals, over-eating and eating late at night. They all cause internal mal-functions, leading your body to produce phlegm.

Avoid catching colds / flu's

They affect your nasal passages, leading to chronic swelling and inflammation.

Keep your immune system strong so you don't catch colds in the first place. That means no late-night partying, eat well, get rid of stress, and no cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. Sorry!

When you do catch a cold/flu, get rest, don't work and use natural cold/flu remedies to get over it quickly. Chinese herbal remedies like "Gan Mao Ling" (available at most Chinese markets and online) are best.


(is very effective)

The best acupressure points depend on the type of sinus problem you have. Unfortunately, I can't explain that in-depth on a website. But, you can still try these and you may be very surprised by their effectiveness. (Be patient.)

Apply medium pressure to cause an "achy" feel (never painful), for a minimum 60 seconds / 3 X day, with your finger, thumb or knuckle to:

Pt. 1 - In the groove on either side of your nose, level with the midpoint of the nostril opening.

Pt. 2 - On the middle end of your eyebrows, directly above the middle ends of your eyes. (You'll feel a depression there.)

Pt. 3 - On the thumb side of your wrist, run your finger about 1 ½ inches up from the crease of your wrist. You'll feel a depression where the big bone drops off.

Chinese Herbal Remedies

Chinese herbal remedies are among the best natural remedies for chronic sinusitis when chosen correctly (and combined with the above recommendations.)

In my clinic, we often use the Chinese herbal remedy "Bi Yan Pian" if the mucus is yellow or thick green.

If the mucus is white or clear, then "Bi Min Gan Wan" is more appropriate for most people.

As with all herbs, avoid these when pregnant. These natural remedies for chronic sinusitis are available at most Chinese markets and online at various sites like

I use herbal natural sinus remedies on my patients all the time with outstanding results.

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