The natural remedies for depression that work on my patients

Oriental medicine uses several natural remedies for depression that are very helpful. These include acupressure (or acupuncture), diet, herbs, exercises, lifestyle modifications and massage techniques.

Due to the limitations of a website, I can't give you all the natural remedies for depression used on my patients, but you will most likely find these very helpful given enough time and dedication.

The best place to start is by:

Stopping the causes

Obviously, your depression will just continue unless you stop doing whatever it is that causes your depression.

I know that seems obvious, but we're conditioned to look for "something to fix us" (pills, for example), rather than look at why we have the problem in the first place.

So, it's time to stop causing your depression. If you look at the causes I listed on the Natural depression cures page , you'll see the main causes are:

  • Over-contemplation (worrying, or just thinking too much)
  • Unhappiness / Long -term anger or frustration (in the family, relationships, work, etc.)
  • Too little exercise
  • Constitution
  • Poor diet
  • Excess sex
  • (yes, there is such a thing!)
  • Overwork
  • Drugs

These lead to:

  • Your energy (or "Qi" as the Chinese call it) getting stuck, primarily in your chest.
  • Phlegm (fluid that collects and condenses in your body, blocking energy form reaching your brain.) You may even notice phlegm in your lungs, throat, sinuses or stools.

These are things you have control over.

And you probably don't realize how much they are affecting you.

So this means you have to:

  • Stop worrying
  • Stop thinking so much
  • Get lots of exercise
  • Eat the right diet
  • Stop engaging in excess sex
  • Don't overwork
  • Don't do drugs (you'll ultimately need to get off any pharmaceuticals, too. They cause internal changes that lead to depression).
  • Build up your weak constitution through healthy living and eating, appropriate exercise and correct lifestyle.

And, it's best to do these a.s.a.p. before the stuck energy or phlegm become "hardened." (i.e. chronic, tough to get rid of.)

To accomplish this, here are my recommendations:

(I use these natural remedies for depression in my clinic with good results.)

Upper body exercise that move the energy / Qi in your chest. Do it as soon as possible when depression sets in. This includes:

  • Push-ups
  • Rowing exercises/machines
  • Hitting a punching bag

and other exercises that emphasize the chest muscles.

Deep breathing exercises. This can powerfully move the energy in your chest.

Do strong "belly-laughing." as well as forceful crying. You probably already know how good you feel after a hard laugh or a good cry.

Get a chest massage. You don't need a professional, you just need someone to gently rub your chest to move the blood and energy stuck there.

Meditation. It's the absolute best method for stopping over-thinking and worrying. You can take a class, read a book on it or learn it online, but the basis is simple.

It's like practicing any skill - the more you do it, the better you get. One day you'll find your emotions stay very level and your mind is calm.

Note - do not underestimate the power of meditation. There's a very good reason why millions of people all over the world have practiced it for hundreds of years. It works.

Follow "Chinese Dietary Principles." This is especially important if the depression is due to "Phlegm".

Eat a diet composed primarily of:

  • Cooked vegetables (fresh, lightly cooked, big variety) For now, forget what you've heard about eating lots of raw vegetables
  • Whole grains (brown rice, buckwheat and millet are all good)
  • Animal protein (small amounts, more like a condiment than a main course)
  • Water (room temperature - green tea is o.k. for most of us, too.)

To get good effect, stay away from everything else until you recover, especially:

  • Dairy
  • Sweets
  • Cold foods
  • Fruit juices
  • Oily-greasy foods.

This way of eating will reduce the phlegm in your body to help resolve depression, as well as promote general well being.

Acupressure (can be very effective.)

Apply medium pressure to cause slight aching (never painful), for a minimum 60 seconds / 3 X day, with your finger, thumb or knuckle to:

Pt.1 - Located on the little finger side of the crease of your wrist, just medial to the tendon you feel at the edge of your wrist.

Pt 2 - Find it by putting your left thumb on the top of your left ear, your right thumb on the top of your right ear and touching your index fingers together on top of your head. Feel for the hollow near the top center of your head.

Pts. 3 and 4 - one inch in front of and behind Pt. 2.

Pt. 5 - Directly between your eyebrows. This point calms your emotions and relieves depression.

Pt. 6 - In the middle of your sternum, level with the space between the fourth ribs (between the nipples if they are not sagging). Excellent for all types of emotional problems.

This is only a small (but effective) part of the natural remedies for depression I use.

I've got plenty more natural remedies for depression to treat you with, as well as instructional programs you can use on yourself at home.

My goal is to make these natural remedies for depression known and available to everyone. Health doesn't belong to doctors. There's no reason for you to suffer when there's effective natural remedies for depression available.

I've used these natural remedies for depression on (and taught them to) doctors, professional athletes, celebrities, teachers and other professionals like you. They use them because this works.

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