Relieving Constipation

I've had excellent results relieving constipation using the below techniques based on the wisdom of Oriental medicine. Bearing in mind that most of these people have already tried all the conventional treatments, the results are pretty remarkable.

But, how can Oriental medicine work when conventional treatments don't? I'm glad you asked...

... you need to understand this in order to permanently correct your constipation. It's a subtle but important difference from conventional thinking. Here goes...

Most conventional treatments for relieving constipation usually either try to:

  • Change the stool (bulk formers or stool softeners), or
  • Artificially stimulate or lubricate your intestines

That offers you nothing in the way of permanently relieving constipation, so you have to keep using them. By comparison, Oriental methods seek to correct the underlying mal-function, in other words, to...

  • Strengthen the functioning of your intestines (peristalsis), rather than just stimulating them, or
  • Correct the reason your stool (and intestines) are too dry and need lubrication in the first place

It's kind of like the difference between drinking a cup of coffee because you're fatigued (i.e. conventional treatment), or fixing the reason your fatigued in the first place (Oriental treatment)

In other words, the Oriental remedies are relieving constipation by correcting the functioning of your body, not by trying to change the stool, lube the intestines or give you some other temporary fix. Get it?

Take a look at my patients story to see how well Oriental methods can work even when drugs (and hospitalization) couldn't.

What methods can I use at home to get over my constipation?

Well, there's a group of acupressure points that do just that (when stimulated correctly), according to a study from China(1). Results in my clinic have shown very good results using these points, too.

It makes for a pretty smart way to go! (Sorry about the pun.)

What methods for relieving constipation can I try at home?

The best method for relieving constipation is to use all the available techniques from Oriental medicine. Why would you consider doing less?

On my constipation patients, I use:

  • Avoiding the causes of constipation
  • Acupressure (or acupuncture)
  • Chinese Dietary Principles
  • Chinese Herbal remedies (pill or liquid forms)
  • Massage techniques
  • Sometimes, a little known technique called moxibustion

Important - Do not underestimate these techniques just because they seem simple. Oriental medicine can be deceptively simple. Remember - I use these on patients all the time and they work.

I'll explain some of these to you. Lets start with:

Avoiding the causes of constipation

To get over your constipation once and for all, you have to stop whatever behavior caused it in the first place, and that's causing it to continue.

If you are shocked to hear that you may have caused your constipation, understand this...

... constipation is caused - it doesn't just happen. You may have a predisposition towards it... but it's something you're doing, or have done in the past, that's causing it to be a problem.

So look at these causes of constipaion to learn where to start.

Follow Chinese Dietary Principles

Wrong diet is probably the most important cause of constipation. But it's not as simple as just eating more fiber. So...

...if you've already increased your fiber, but still suffer from constipation, you should take a look at foods that cause constipation to understand what foods may be causing your constipation. Then read my page on foods that relieve constipation .

The Chinese Dietary Principles are based on hundreds of years of observation and experience. They help to explain a lot of misunderstanding found in conventional nutrition (for example, the opposing viewpoints on bananas and constipation .)

In my audio mp3 and ebook, I explain Chinese Dietary Principles in a simple format that you will be able to apply immediately. If you suffer from constipation (or any condition for that matter) you really should get this audio file and follow these dietary principles.

Abdominal Massage

Along with these other treatments, I use abdominal massage for constipation with good results on many of my patients. The technique is easy and can be very effective in many cases (depending on the cause of your constipation).

Use Acupressure

(can be very effective.)

There's a group of acupuncture points that, in one study, had a nearly 70% cure rate, and a 94% improvement rate, for constipation (that only leaves a 6% chance it won't help you)…

This alone can be very effective for many people, but I recommend it in conjunction with the other methods. Rather than use needles, you can use pressure to stimulate the points. Here's some of them...

Apply medium pressure (never painful), for a minimum 60 seconds / 3 X day, with your finger, thumb or knuckle to:

Pt 1 - approx. 3 inches up the back of your arm from the crease of your wrist.

Pt 2 - approx. 2 inches lateral to both sides of your navel.

Pt 3 half way between your navel and the lower tip of your sternum.

Chinese Herbal Remedies For Constipation

Most of my constipation patients use Chinese herbal remedies for constipation . Based on hundreds of year's experience, these remedies are very helpful relieving constipation once you've determined the correct remedy for your specific type of constipation. (Important!)

Chinese Home Remedies You Can Try

Even though I prefer the other techniques used in my clinic (described above), Chinese home remedies for constipation work for many people. They are certainly worth your time to try and see if they help you in relieving constipation.

Other Natural Cures For Constipation

Here are some other worthwhile natural cures for constipation (not from Oriental medicine) that you can try in addition to the others I've already described. (Although I suggest trying the others first).

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(1) “The Acupuncture Treatment of 85 Cases of Habitual Constipation.”, Shen Hai-ming, 2002 Sichuan Chinese Medicine, issue #8, p.76,

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