Yes, permanent sinus headache relief is possible

Last week, a young man came into my clinic looking for sinus headache relief. He said his headaches are constant, he's always congested and he spits out thick mucus all the time.

By the time he left, he said his head felt clear and he had no headache; he could breathe better than he had in a long time and was just “enjoying the moment!”

It was great to give him relief, but I know that we had more work to do if he doesn’t want the sinus headaches to come back.

Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you…

Why temporary sinus headache relief isn’t enough

Conventional treatment uses drugs (decongestants, anti-histamines, steroids) to bring down the swelling and inflammation, and pain-relievers to stop the headache.

Problem is, what’s being done to stop it from coming back? To stop you from getting them them in the first place?

Yep. you guessed it. Zip. Zero. Nada. It’s temporary relief.

To get permanent sinus headache relief, you must also handle the reason you get inflammation and swelling in the first place.

And how would you do that, you ask? Let me tell you…

How Oriental sinus headache relief works when drugs won’t

First, try to understand this… only your body can heal itself.

That’s right – no outside force heals you. Not drugs, not surgery, nothing.

All your cuts, bruises and past sinus headaches you’ve ever had were healed by your own healing mechanisms. Drugs may have killed bacteria or decreased inflammation – but ultimately, your body had to do the repair work.

Except, now, your not getting over your problem. Your internal healing mechanisms and immunity have gotten sluggish, and they can’t correct this internal mal-function you’ve got going on.

Well, guess how Oriental medicine works? It triggers your own bodies healing mechanisms (among other things.)

Thousands of years ago, Chinese doctors developed ways to “trick” your body into thinking it’s been injured, causing it to strongly kick its healing mechanisms into gear.

And the methods they developed do it better, stronger and longer than any other modality known.

Secondly, these ancient doctors (well, maybe not the same ones – this took thousands of years!) also determined what causes your body to malfunction in the first place, causing the phlegm, inflammation and headache.

So, Oriental medicine knows not only how to get your body to heal itself, it knows how to stop the problems from happening again.

So, what causes the problem in the first place?

In my clinic, the main reason I see people develop this problem comes from wrong diet.

You might be saying, “but I eat a healthy diet.”

Get this… what’s considered a “healthy” diet, even by “experts,” will weaken certain body functions causing you to produce phlegm, swelling and inflammation.

Following the Chinese Dietary Principles is, by far, the best method to resolve that. (See below.)

Other causes of sinus headache include:

  • excess emotions
  • chronic illness
  • over-thinking
  • unusual or unseasonal weather changes.

What can I do at home for sinus headache relief?

Due to the limitations of a website, I can only give you some general treatment recommendations here. Start with:

Correcting your diet

This is far more important than you will probably ever understand. Wrong diet probably caused the internal mal-functioning, and certain foods specifically (and quickly) produce phlegm that leads to sinus headaches.

Use the Chinese Dietary Principles (these are from thousands of years of experience in China)

Here's a quick summary -

Eat a diet composed primarily of:

  • A large variety of cooked vegetables (fresh and lightly cooked)
  • Whole grains (brown rice, buckwheat and millet are all good)
  • Animal protein (small amounts, more like a condiment than a main course)
  • Water (room temperature - green tea is o.k. for most of us, too.)

To get good effect, stay away from everything else until you recover (especially dairy, alcohol, sweets, cold foods, fruit juices and oily-greasy foods.)

Even a little of these will cause your sinus headaches to continue.

Also, avoid irregular meals, over-eating and eating late at night. They all cause internal mal-functions, leading your body to produce phlegm.

Avoid catching colds / flu's

They affect your nasal passages, leading to chronic swelling and inflammation.

Keep your immune system strong so you don't catch colds in the first place. That means no late-night partying, eat well, get rid of stress, and no cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. Sorry!

When you do catch a cold/flu, get rest, don't work and use natural cold/flu remedies to get over it quickly. Chinese herbal remedies like "Gan Mao Ling" are best . Also, Echinacea, zinc, etc. can be used.

Acupressure (is very effective) Be patient and persistent.

Apply medium pressure to cause an "achy" feel (never painful), for a minimum 60 seconds / 3 X day, with your finger, thumb or knuckle to:

Pt. 1 - Approx. ½ inch above the hairline of your forehead, at the corner of the hairline (about 4 ½ inches from the midline of your head)

Pt. 2 - between your index finger and thumb, on top of the bulge created when you press the thumb and index finger together

Pt. 3 - On the thumb side of your wrist, run your finger about 1 ½ inches up your arm from the crease of your wrist. You'll feel a depression where the big bone drops off.

Pt. 4 - ½ way between your navel and the protrusion at the bottom of your sternum

Use Chinese Herbal remedies

Chinese herbal remedies are among the best sinus headache relief methods when chosen correctly (and combined with the above recommendations.)

This is only a small (but effective) part of the protocol I use.

I've got plenty more sinus headache relief treatments for you, as well as instructional programs you can use on yourself at home.

My goal is to make these treatments known and available to everyone. Health doesn't belong to doctors. There's no reason for you to suffer when there's effective natural sinus headache relief available.

I've used these sinus headache relief techniques on (and taught them to) doctors, professional athletes, celebrities, teachers and other professionals like you. They use them because this works.

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